The 7 Best Burgers in Tulsa, Ranked by a Local

Anytime I am away from my lovely hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma, I start missing hamburgers.

I mean, I really take for granted the deliciously mouth-watering and juicy burgers we have in our state.

Yeah, yeah... A burger is just meat between two buns.

But I am a firm believer that nobody does a burger quite like Oklahoma, and there are some truly delectable and eclectic options in Tulsa.

Below, take a look at the top 7 joints that reign supreme in Green Country. Each have their own unique take on the perfect burger!


Map of the Best Burgers & Cheeseburgers in Tulsa

Our personal favorite: Ron’s Hamburgers & Chilli

Maybe I’m biased, but I grew up going here with my mom and I still consider this place to be the quintessential burger joint. The buns are buttery and greasy, and the fries are hand cut, then fried to absolute delicious perfection! Even the soda tastes the most bubbly and fresh compared to others.

I’m not kidding. This. Place. Is. It. Take my word for it.

Opened in 1975, Ron’s Hamburgers and Chili offers a casual, seat-yourself cafe atmosphere and real draft root beer. The hamburgers are prepared daily from fresh superior quality beef. Fries are cut daily from fresh potatoes and fried in high-quality vegetable oil. Chilis are made daily from scratch using their famous Ron’s recipe.

They offer a wide range of burgers, along with Ron’s famous chili and other sandwiches, but the most popular burger is the Ron’s Special, a 1/3-pounder loaded up with ham, bacon, fried onions and more.

  • Address 1: 7119 South Mingo Road Tulsa, OK 74113
  • Address 2: 1440 S Denver Ave., Tulsa, OK 74119
  • Address 3: 1545 S Sheridan Rd, Tulsa, OK 74136
  • Address 4: 6548 E 51st St, Tulsa, OK 74145
  • Address 5: 8201 S Harvard Ave, Tulsa, OK 74137
  • Website: Ron’s Burgers & Chili

Best gourmet burger: Society Burger

Society is all about food and fellowship. They claim to have the perfect burger, which is meant to be shared and savored in the company of others.

Just imagine thin, juicy patties with plenty of flavor. Melted cheese and pillowy, golden buns.

Their burgers are cooked fresh, every single time – with homemade pickles, handmade buns, crispy fries and hand-dipped milkshakes. Always made to order.

Some of the most popular menu items include the Shroom Burger, which has the perfect mix of portabella mushrooms, swiss cheese, and caramelized onions. But don’t even think about missing out on other local favorites, like The Pim & Jam (yes, that’d be pimento cheese with BACON jam) or The Okie (comes with candied Jalapenos, and cream cheese on an “everything” bun).

  • Address 1: 1419 E 15th St. Tulsa, OK 74120
  • Address 2: 9999 S Mingo Rd Ste. A Tulsa, OK 74133
  • Website: Society Burger

Best out-of-the box burgers: Fat Guys Burgers

Fat Guys Burgers defines themselves as the home of the fat and juicy! They serve nothing but the best made to order burgers that Tulsa has to offer.

All of their ingredients are always fresh; from their warm and tasty buns made with love by a local bakery, to their produce delivered fresh every morning. And of course, their meat is also ground fresh every day for that quality taste.

If you’re feeling extra ravenous and adventurous, try the Fat Guy’s Burger challenge, which is:  A two pound patty, one pound of bacon(15 Slices), two (4oz) hot dogs, 8 Slices of american cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and your choice of condiment. All of this takes place on a one pound bun.

If you finish this beast in one hour, you get the meal for FREE and your face on the Wall of Fat… FOREVER!

Some extra out-of-the-box menu highlights include The Spicy Fried Pickle Burger, which comes with spicy ranch, fried pickles, and cheese whiz, and the Pizza Burger, which includes a sausage patty, spicy marinara, pepperoni, and basil aioli to top it all off.

If you’re looking for something a little different, but not too out-there, I recommend The Sweet Caroline, which is layered with succulent BBQ pulled pork, smoked Gouda, adobo Q sauce with sweet and spicy slaw.

Mmmm, my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

  • Address 1: 140 N. Greenwood Tulsa, OK 74120
  • Address 2: 7945 S Memorial Dr Tulsa, OK 74133
  • Address 3: 1009 N. Elm St Broken Arrow, OK 74012
  • Address 4: 3950 S. Hudson Ave Tulsa, OK 74135
  • Website: Fat Guys Burgers 

Best old time burger joint: Brownies Hamburger Stand

Brownies was established in 1956 by brothers Bill and Daryl Bowen, and they’ve since become a Tulsa icon with their traditional cheeseburgers and homemade root beer.

One of the oldest burger joints in town, the diner has a clean atmosphere, friendly staff, and fresh ingredients. It’s the perfect place for casual dining with family or friends. Speedy service, consistent flavors, and great portions make Brownies a top on our list.

Expert Tip: The burger’s size has been the same since 1956 to keep the tradition going, so some people order doubles, triples and sometimes even four patties.

Best unique burgers: Knotty Pig BBQ, Burger and Chili House

The Knotty Pig is a joint you just don’t want to miss out on. They have rave reviews, a friendly and attentive staff, and a plethora of unique menu items.

This place is celebrated for having hot, fresh, and delicious burgers and quick service to boot. The brisket is moist and tender. The fried okra, mac and cheese and fried pickles are out of this world. And their house sauce is so good, you’ll want to dip absolutely everything in it!

All of their Jumbo Burgers are fresh, never frozen, 1/3 pound hand rolled patties made in house daily. They are served with onions grilled on a buttered and toasted brioche bun, with all the usual fixins on the side.

Are you particularly carnivorous? Be sure to try the raved about Hogfather; A 1/3 Lb. patty topped with pulled pork, bacon, ham and a hot link with melted cheese.

Or if you’re more of a cheese lover like me, then you must try The Superman, which is two 1/3 Lb. cheeseburgers topped with American cheese stuffed between 2 grilled cheese sandwiches, or The Mac Daddy, a 1/3 Lb. cheeseburger topped with homemade Mac n’ Cheese and shredded American cheese.

  • Address: 6835 E. 15th St. Tulsa, OK 74112
  • Website: Knotty Pig

Best flat top burgers: Howdy Burger

Tulsa’s own Howdy Burger is a tribute to the classic roadside burger stands that fed hungry travelers on Route 66.

These flat top burgers come on the best fluffy buns… it’s truly the perfect stop if you’re looking for a delicious, classic burger.

It’s also located in Mother Road Market, a popular food hall in Tulsa, so you can have a ball walking around and drooling over all of the other food stands.

Try the Original Howdy Burger, which is a classic double pattie with their signature “rodeo” sauce, or the Wag Gouda, a wagyu patty with smoked gouda.

  • Address 1: 1124 S Lewis Ave Suite 109, Tulsa, OK 74104
  • Address 2: 1516 E 11th St, Tulsa, OK 74120
  • Website: Howdy Burger

Best fancy burger: The Tavern

The Tavern is a modern neighborhood pub featuring world class wines, craft cocktails, artisan beer and upscale tavern cuisine.

If you’re looking to splurge on one fantastic cheeseburger, the Tavern burger is it.

Served on a challah bun, with stilton cheese, mushroom cognac cream, and thin shoe-string fries with truffle oil… you won’t regret spending nearly 20 bucks on this burger. Pair it with a delicious draft beer and a hot date, and you’re golden, pony boy.

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